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Course curriculum

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    1. An Introduction to Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Programming

    2. What is Fuzzy Logic and why we need it ?

    3. Use & Necessity of Fuzzy Logic in Modeling Physical Systems

    1. Fuzzy Sets & Physical Examples

    2. Fuzzy-Classical vs Fuzzy Sets

    1. Fuzzy Sets for an Industrial Examples

    2. Fuzzy Sets and Membership Functions

    3. Fuzzy Sets Housing Pricing Example

    4. What is Fuzzy Support ?

    5. What is Crossover Height in Fuzzy Logic ?

    6. Quiz Review

    7. Fuzzy Triangular Membership Functions

    8. Fuzzy Logic Triangular function project

    9. Fuzzy Triangular Project Solution

    10. Fuzzy trapezoidal membership function

    11. Fuzzy Gaussian Function

    12. Classical Sets Fuzzy Sets Operations

    13. Fuzzy Sets Operation Union

    14. Homework Find Complement

    15. Homework Solution - find complement

    16. Representing Fuzzy Sets Discrete Continuous

    17. An Example in Fuzzy Set Properties

    18. Complement Matlab Example in Fuzzy Logic

    19. Medical Exam Blood Pressure Fuzzy Example

    1. Fuzzy Math and Fuzzy Logic Arithmetic

    2. Implementing Discrete Example Fuzzy Matlab

    3. Continuous Example Fuzzy Matlab implementation

    4. An Example of Fuzzy Approximations in Matlab

    1. Fuzzy Linguistic Variables

    2. If-then-rules (additional)

    3. If then rules

    4. Solving Restaurant Tipping Problem without Fuzzy Logic

    5. Fuzzy Ruled Based Systems - Inputs

    6. Rule Based Systems - Output

    7. Part 1 - Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Car

    8. Part 2 - Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Car

    9. Part 3 - Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Car Design for Car

    10. Part 4 - Fuzzy Logic Car Controller Design for Car

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Control Systems Engineer Hossein Tootoonchy

Hossein is an experienced control system engineer with Amazon. He has over 10 years of experience in design, engineering, and management. He has extensive knowledge in automation, control, and instrumentation fields ith seven years of experience in control and Instrumentation fields, where he worked on various projects that required system modeling, control, and optimization. He is experienced in Matlab, Simulink, sensor selection and PLC programming. He has published three technical articles in his field, including a chapter of the book, " Engineering Transactions " which is published worldwide by Springer in 2014.

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