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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to CDR Writing Course

    2. Disclaimer

    3. About the Author

    4. Important Resources to help you with your CDR Writing Process

    5. CDR Writing and CDR Preparation Resources

    6. Before we begin...

    1. How to find out the CDR Writing Requirements ?

    2. Who is considered a Professional Engineer ?

    3. Who is considered an Engineering Technologist ?

    4. Who is considered an Engineering Associate ?

    5. Who is considered a Manager ?

    6. What is the CDR submittal Process ?

    7. MSA Booklet August 2017

    8. Where to download CDR Forms, Summary and CPD ?

    9. Where to download CDR Forms, Summary and CPD ?

    1. What is the structure of a CDR ?

    2. What is inside CDR writing Package ?

    3. Download CDR Package

    4. How to use CDR Reply Sheets ?

    5. 04-Resume Template

    6. How to use CPD Template ?

    7. Before you start writing your CDR please watch this

    8. How to Write the CDR Introduction ?

    9. How to write CDR Background ?

    10. How to Write Personal Engineering Activity in Career Episode?

    11. How to Write the Summary section in your Career Episode ?

    12. How to fill out the summary sheet ?

    1. CDR Proofreading and Grammatical Check Review

    2. How to address Officer Comments if you received such a letter ?

    1. CDR Sample Resource

    1. Different types of Australian Visas

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