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Matlab Programming is one of the most important technical programming languages and skills today. In this course, we will start learning Matlab from a beginner level, and slowly we ease our way into more technical topics. This course is a general Matlab Programming, and it means that all the majors can benefit from this course. Matlab Programming is an easy and understandable programming language and is an excellent choice for learning before starting other programs like Java, Python, C, and C++.

You should get this course if : 

- You are new to programming 

- You need to learn Matlab from scratch in a minimum amount of time 

- You need to have access to a library that gets updated over time. 

- You want to be a part of a like-minded community of learners

- You want to get certified in Matlab Programming 

- You need to publish an official certificate to your LinkedIn Profile 

- Many more 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    An Introduction to Matlab Programming Environment
  • 2
    Mathematics in Matlab
    • 6-Basic Arithmetic
    • 7-More on Variables
    • 8-Order of operation
    • 9-exponent & pi
    • 10-two sample programs
    • 11-symbolic toolbox 1-Introduction
    • 12-symbolic toobox
    • 13-symbolic toolbox 3
  • 3
    Variables in Matlab
    • 14-Variables-1
    • 15-Manipulating variables
    • 16-Formats in Matlab
    • 17-Symbolic Variables-1
    • 18-symbolic calculations
  • 4
    Trigonometric Functions in Matlab
    • 19-Essential_Functions1
    • 20-Trigonometric
    • 21-Hyperbolic
    • 22-Logarithm
  • 5
    Complex Numbers in Matlab
    • 23-complex numbers
    • 24-functions for complex numbers
    • 25-symbolic_complex
    • 26-symbolic calculations complex
  • 6
    Vectors in Matlab
    • 27-Introduction to vectors
    • 28-vector revising
    • 29-Vector calculations
    • 30-dot&cross products
    • 31-vector stats
    • 32-vector extraction
    • 33-creating vectors
    • 34-element by element operation
    • 35-mathematical calculations on vectors
    • 36-random vectors
    • 37-statistical analysis
  • 7
    Matrices in Matlab
    • 38-Matrix Introduction
    • 39-Matrix Extraction
    • 40-Matrix Algebric Equations
    • 41-Matrix Multiplication
    • 42-Matrix Element by Element Multiplication
    • 43-Max Min
    • 44-Matrix Augmentation
    • 45-Matrix and Functions
    • 46-especial matrices
    • 47-Transpose and diagnoal
    • 48-Solving equations
    • 49-Trace & Inv Functions
    • 50-symbolic calculationsUntitled